Q: What is most important my display or my content?

A:  Your sign is only worth the value of the content it displays. How often do you see a great movie and leave the show amazed by how well the projector and screen functioned? Your sign is merely a tool to get your message and brand out there. The content determines what your message and brand look like. Content is the most important. Valuable content makes a valuable sign.

Q:  Is a service contract required to program my sign?

A:  No. We do not require a monthly service contract, however we can offer services at a discounted rate should you commit to a monthly service contract.


Q:  Will your content be compatible with my sign?

A:  Yes.  Verge creates LED sign content for all makes and models of electronic signs regardless of the manufacturer. We currently provide content services for signs manufactured by all the major LED sign manufacturers such as, Optec, Watchfire, Trans-Lux, Daktronics, Yesco,  Barco, and many more. We guarantee that our professional content will work with your existing sign software or you pay nothing. Even if your sign requires a proprietary format. We have the expertise to work with you and the manufacturer to ensure the content is compatible.


Q:  Can you program my sign remotely?

A:  Yes.  If your sign controller has an internet connection we program and or deliver content directly to your sign controller remotely. If your sign controller is offline or if you prefer to schedule your content yourself you can use the Client Login area on the Verge site to download and transfer content to your sign.


Q:  Can you work with our ad agency?

A:  Yes. The majority of our clients rely on us alone for creative content development from start to finish however, we are more than happy to work with ad agencies. Verge has worked with numerous big name agencies. In over 13 years we have never found an agency that fully understands the ins and outs of LED signage and they struggle to optimize the content for display on LED signage.